One of the most expressive songs I have heard is “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette. On this fine day, I can proudly add a few sentences to that iconic song, here it goes:

It is like crossing an ocean to see a person, only to be told he is damn too busy. Move on, kid. You deserve better than that. This is the land of opportunities…

It is dreaming of attending one event, making all the necessary arrangements, only to be told on your first day at work, that no one can actually replace you on your lunch break so you’d have to skip the whole thing while repeating to yourself: “that yeah, wallah, you did well by placing your work first. You are professional. You have good ethics and values.” But yeah, you got to eat your sandwiches alone somewhere in between the cold, the chaos, and the loneliness. Oh, and yeah, please repeat after me, life is good, damn too good and you are tracing the route of your future. People will notice you and you will move up the ladder of success.

It is spending hours and hours thinking about a better way to handle one particular issue, only to be faced with a wall of “nos”. I love nos, don’t you? They feel so good on a Monday morning.

It is keeping your expectations wayyyyy too low to avoid any disappointment and feeling so bad when your hopes get squashed.

It is squeezing yourself in a tiny box to fit what is demanded of you without ever figuring out what it was actually they were asking you to do.

It is wondering whether the people you actually work for, did actually read your résumé.

It is questioning whether you are being taken advantage of because you seem like a good deal. Who wouldn’t acquire a good deal? You need to raise your standards, kid. Aim higher, you deserve better. You need to change the way you see things…

It is landing your first job without even going through the whole interview process. It is being given a few directions – only once – and been frowned upon when you ask them to remind you of the info or provide additional information. It is asking for certain basic needs to get your job done, only to receive no answer to your email and then having to ask at least a few times for certain crucial details. It is requesting a few minutes to discuss your employers’ expectations only to receive no answer to your email, although you were sure your email was short, clear, straightforward, and to the point.