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Dear Friends,

It is getting cold again. Rumors mention a new storm coming to Lebanon next week. I don’t know how accurate these rumors are, but I can assure you that it is the winter season in Lebanon, and rain and snow will keep falling from now till March. Lebanese homes aren’t all equipped to deal with this cold, so what about tents in mountains where wind blows and water floods?

I know that we would like to help, but most of the time, we don’t know how. I am sure that most of us struggle with some unneeded clothes that we have no idea what to do with. What if I tell you that you can do something useful with these clothes? What if I tell you that you can alter somebody’s life by donating those extra additional unneeded clothes to the unfortunates through NGOs?

Below is some data about NGOs that are collecting goods. Please feel free to suggest additional NGOs in any area in Lebanon. Any action no matter how small can help a lot. Have you heard of the butterfly effect? Put is simply it can be summarized in these words: if a butterfly claps its wings in Beirut, a hurricane arises in Siberia. Or in other words, every act of kindness no matter how small, can return to us 10 folds.


If you live around Hamra, there are 3 places where you can donate money and goods, below are the details:

Hamra:  The Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service (CCECS) is collecting blankets. CCECS can be reached by telephone at 00961 1 350000 ext. 4430/1, by email: ccecs@aub.edu.lb or at the American University of Beirut (AUB), West Hall, B1 floor. Opening hours: 8am-5pm, Monday till Friday.

Hamra: Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP) is collecting money, winter clothes and blankets. Please contact Tara by telephone at 00961 70 661 112 for more information or feel free to pass by the ULYP offices in Hamra: Building Company Building, Makdessi Street, Hamra to deliver your donations. ULYP is collecting donations until the end of next week (January 24, 2014).

Hamra: A group of friends created the project “Syrian Eyes” and they are collecting money, and supplies like heaters, blankets, firewood, clothes, blankets, milk, diapers. Please note that clothes for all ages are being collected. They are covering a large community center in the Bekaa, in Chtaura, and in Al-marj village. Donations are collected in Dar Al moussawer (above the delicious restaurant Dar Bistro and Books) on Rome Street in Hamra.  They also need volunteers. For more information please feel free to call:

  • Ali : 00961 76 955 915 ,
  • Tareq al Sheikh: 00961 70 486 715
  • Somar: 00961 78 901 525 ,
  • or email syrian.eyes6@gmail.com

Beirut, Bar Elias and Tripoli: 

Basmeh and Zeitooneh (relief and development) is collecting clothes, blankets, money, food and children’s milk.

“Basmeh and Zeitooneh” has four centers:

  • Shatila refugee camp (Beirut),
  • Burj al-Barajneh camp (Beirut),
  • Bar Elias (Bekaa Valley),
  • and Tripoli.

“Basmeh and Zeitooneh” needs volunteers to help with the distribution operations.

There are two ways to donate through Basmeh and Zeitouneh:

  • In person (clothes, blankets, money, food or children’s milk) at any of the following addresses: Shatila: Basmeh and Zeitooneh office, opposite UNRWA tank, Shatila, Qasr Sabr Hmeide entrance, Beirut.  Please call these numbers for additional information for donations in: Shatilla & Burj Al Barajneh: 00961 76 091 880; Bekaa / Bar Elias: 00961 76 210 669; Tripoli: 00961 70 491 284

Tripoli: If you are in Tripoli, the group Jar Abel Dar is collecting all types of donations at Ayadi el Kheir, on Mina road next to Globe Dry Cleaners laundry. Please feel free to call on the following number 00961 70 126 761 for more information.

Kindly note that this post is only a draft. My aim is to make it easier for anyone wishing to help to find an NGO near his/her place to donate. So if you have an NGO to add to the list, please feel free to leave a comment. I will be updating this list with additional data soon.

These photos are from this post: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2522054/Britain-America-suspend-aid-Syria-refugees-face-freezing-winter.html

These photos are from this post.