This is a dialogue I had a few days ago with one of my friends who wanted to seek my opinion about the Nokia XL. 

My friend: So you have been using Nokia XL? 

Me: Yes, actually. I have been using it lately as part of a 2-week trial. In fact, I was contacted by @Connects on Twitter and I was told about this chance to trial the device. 

My friend: If you were to describe the Nokia XL in a few sentences, what would you say? 

Me: It is a nice device. Also known as Nokia XL Dual SIM RM-1030/RM-1042, it can hold two micro sims, which makes it a great asset to tourists and travelers who would need such an option to contact their families and friends in their home countries and to connect with the locals and with friends in the new visited country.  It has a 5-inch touchscreen. Its body dimensions are:  141.4 x 77.7 x 10.9 mm, 109 cc (5.57 x 3.06 x 0.43 in). It is only 190g (or 6.7 oz). It features a 5 MP camera, a LED flash and a 2 MP front facing camera. It was announced on February 24, 2014 during the 2014 edition of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. It belongs to the Nokia X family. It was named during the development process the “Asha Monster.” It appeared in the market in May 2014. It is currently sold and maintained by Microsoft Mobile. It comes with built in and already installed applications like Viber, Opera, Facebook, etc… along with a few interesting games like Zoo Wonder, etc… 

My friend: Are there colors to choose from? 

Me: Yes, the available colors are: White, black, orange, green, blue, yellow.

Nokia XL different available colors

Nokia XL different available colors

My friend: Which one did you receive? 

Me: I got the black one which looks classy, stylish, and serious.

My friend: If you were to choose between the available 6 colors which one would you go for?

Me: They are all beautiful and each color goes with a different personality. I think the green one would suit me. I would also choose blue, because I like blue. Which color would you choose?

My friend: Orange… I like orange. It looks innovative, different, independent… 

Here are some night photography shots that I took with the Nokia XL. More info in the next posts. 

Thank you for reading.