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“I wish I could find a way to stop those memories from taking shape and form in my mind and in front of my eyes. I wish I could stop them altogether, delete them, purge them and forget about them altogether.” Angie found herself thinking.

She had been driving for almost an hour when the first disturbing memory emerged in front of her eyes. She couldn’t figure out what triggered that memory. The road had its curves, its turns, its vehicles, its drivers, and its passengers, but Angie couldn’t see what changed in front of her or within her. She tried to let that memory pass, just like any other vehicle on the road, but she couldn’t. She did her best to let the fleeting disorganized shadows attached to that distorted memory pass, but she couldn’t… It was painful… She tried to observe her thoughts and pay attention to her breath, but it was very hard…

She had experienced similar moments when she found herself submerged by unpleasant memories. She used to call those moments and those days, stormy moments and days. Sometimes, she would find herself in the storm just waiting for it to subside. She knew that she would never be the same person again after the storm… She knew all these things and she also knew that no matter how hard she tried she simply couldn’t avoid those memories and their storms.

She thought of dealing and healing these memories. She had even learned a few techniques. And each time, she thought she had actually dealt with a painful memory, it kept re-emerging again in a different format at a different time. “There are so many memories to heal,” she once figured out. “Is everybody the same? Do people remember their memories as I do? How do they deal with these memories? How do memories emerge? How do we deal and heal these memories efficiently?”

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