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“Oh God! Who hit the pause button?” Angie heard herself screaming. “It can’t be, it just can’t be…”

It has been a while since Angie stopped watching the news, she didn’t need any unnecessary stress in her life; her problems were enough. She didn’t feel like listening to politicians talking and going on and on and on about the same issues. She tried over a period of a few years to listen actively to their speeches, but she was always clueless about the meaning behind the words. She simply couldn’t grasp what they were talking about, although she was a native speaker and was  considered a good smart sharp student by her teachers. These politicians seemed to go around the pot instead of stating clearly what they meant. Of course, she wasn’t able to grasp that previously. The political speeches were endless accusations, fights and repeated nonsense about some stone engraved decisions, between political parties. Politicians didn’t seem to be able to think on their own, or to take decisions on their own. They were puppets to other regimens in neighboring countries or to the ruling countries in the world. Reforms, works, or any kind of development weren’t on anybody’s agenda. Recurrent problems remained unsolved. Some people were jobless, Angie was never too good with statistics, and therefore any number would have seemed clueless to her. Young people were fleeting the country. Anyone who was employed was hanging on to his/her job with all his/her power and he/she was sometimes making the lives of young people who wanted to find a job and build a career an endless nightmare.  People above the age of 50 were planning meticulously for their retirement. Some of them, especially low paid employees, had to keep up with any sort of management style, treatment, behavior, and abuse, for the sake of their families and their retirements. Angie knew a few of them, and she never managed to look at their lives, hopes or careers with a positive note. Youngsters, entire families, and anyone who couldn’t take it anymore, were immigrating to different more civilized countries where people are respected and well treated.

Although she had decided to avoid the news altogether, she found herself every now and then, obliged to sit in front of her TV, to watch the news and to read the “breaking news.” She felt miserable when these unfortunate incidents occurred. She dreamed of a calm country, where things seem to flow; where everything is tangible, accessible, peaceful, steady… and normal; where rules are observed; where road signs are respected; where conflict is resolved and not left to drag for days, weeks, years, decades, centuries… ; where a human being is respected and cherished; where holidays are respected by everybody; where people are obliged to take a break so they can refuel, recharge and energize…

She just wanted to mind her own business, make her own plans, and follow up on things that interest her… In short, she once heard herself explaining to her friend, that she wanted to get somewhere where it is so calm, beautiful and peaceful, that she would find herself bored. Yes, you read that right: BORED. Angie wanted to live in a very calm country where she could work and dream and hope at her leisure; and where she would feel so calm that sometimes boredom would sip in, and of course, she would have to create ways to adjust to it, to rename it, reshape it and make it more tangible.

All the action that was taking place in her home country drained her, made her nervous, tired, exhausted, stressed, speechless just like some energy vampires that she is learning to avoid. She didn’t need any of that.

Every time an incident took place in her home country, she felt that someone had hit the pause button for her, for her community, for her city, for her country and for 5 million people living in her country. She would have to pause everything she was doing or about to do in order to follow the news and to see what was happening. There weren’t much to grasp from anything taking place in her home country, people were – and still are – on the verge of a civil war. People were being assassinated because of their words. Freedom of expression was yet another slogan the citizens of her country bragged and boasted about, oblivious to its meaning or to its significance. And of course, innocent people – who most of the time  were hardly remembered – were killed with every blast and every assassination. Armed militias were almost everywhere. Anything could happen any minute anywhere. The country was, and still is, sitting on a loaded barrel of dynamite and any tiny match can make the whole thing explode. She knew that – everybody in her home country knew that – yet, they still elected the same people or almost the same people, they still thought they were the smartest, the sexiest, the most beautiful, and the sharpest people on the whole planet (if not in the whole universe). People in her home country idolized their political leader, followed him blindly (there are no female political leaders in the political arena in her home country), listened to his nonsense and to his anger filled words, and fought others who dared pointing any “imperfection” in their beloved – half-god (why half? Let’s make it a full-fledged perfect god) leader.

Every now and then, an assassination or a blast leading to victims, injuries and loss of material possessions, took place in her home country. Nothing was predictable, everything was unpredictable. Anything could happen everywhere. There were spots she was highly advised to avoid. There were spots she never dared to visit although most of them were only a few kilometers away.

And today, someone somewhere decided to hit the pause button… “So be it,” she found herself resigned, hopeless and on the verge of crying: “so be it. Now we wait.”

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