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I am sure you are probably wondering why all the above pictures, viewed as small thumbnails, appear similar. Well, they look similar as small thumbnails, but they are totally different when viewed in a slideshow. To view them as a slideshow please click on any picture. To view subsequent pictures, click on the arrows on the left or on the right.

Each picture is taken in a different “scene”. Nokia N9 offers 6 scenes:

  • Automatic
  • Macro
  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Night
  • Sports

Each scene is used for a different setting. Usually the automatic scene allows the camera to study the environment of the picture and to choose the right settings.

An interesting feature is the Macro mode. The element in the foreground is in sharp focus, but the background is blurred.

On the other hand, for the landscape mode, the element in the foreground is blurred but everything in the background is in sharp focus.

This is how the  “scene” mode appears  in Nokia N9: