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Nokia N9

Interesting feature:

There are two options to recharge the Nokia N9, you can either plug it to your computer/laptop, or you can use the same cord with an additional plug to connect it to the electricity. In other words, whenever you feel that you need to recharge your Nokia N9, you can either turn on your computer/laptop and recharge it, or use the same cord with an additional plug to connect it to the electricity. I believe that’s a smart move. I wonder if other devices offer similar options.


If you are a fan of photography and you happen to only have with you your Nokia N9, well, to some extent, it can satisfy some of your needs of mobile photography. Why? Because Nokia N9 has an 8 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens, 4 digital zoom, and a range of options to choose from.  Note that the range of Nokia N9 camera is from 10 cm to infinity, in other words, if you want to move beyond 10 cm, the picture will be fuzzy or blurred. Another advantage is that you can take as many pictures as you want without having to wait to see a preview of the previous picture. Of course, you can choose to see how the captured looked like, by choosing to display it for 2 or 5 seconds. Camera experience with Nokia N9 is very smooth because it only takes 2.6 seconds to press the camera key and to capture the photo.

The camera in Nokia N9 is a point and shoot. It can take great pictures and it can also take bad pictures, in other words, it can yield amazing or bad results depending on the expertise of the user. I wouldn’t advise you, while taking a picture, to use the digital zoom, to zoom in, because your picture will be blurred or unclear. Digital zoom is used only while reviewing a shot, it can help you zoom in and zoom out to look at certain details.

Nokia N9 Camera resolutions are the following:

→ 3248 x 2448 pixels and Ratio is 4:3

→ 3248 x 2160 pixels and Ratio is 3:2

→ 3552 x 2000 pixels and Ratio is 16:9

By default, it is always set on 16:9 unless you choose otherwise.

You can also choose the resolution:

– High 7 Mpx

– Medium 6 Mpx

– Low 3 Mpx

By default, the resoluition is set to high (7 Mpx) unless you choose otherwise.

One thing to mention about the Nokia N9 camera, it has unlimited storage. For the last couple of weeks, and although I took more than a thousand pictures, I never run out of space. I would however loved to know the number of pictures remaining or how the change of the picture size would reflect on the storage. But anyway, what am I complaining about?

Please click on this link to see some of the landscape photos I took and on this link for some close-ups.

Thank you.

Zeina Gabriel