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Angie looked at the sms again and read it over and over again. The message was short, it reads: “Would you marry me?”

She didn’t know what to think or what to feel. People are usually happy when they get a marriage proposal, but this wasn’t Angie’s case. The whole thing was awkward. I mean there is nothing wrong with people saying to each other, things like: “I love you” ” I miss  you” “Did you think about me today?” “Would you marry me?” but when you happen to know a person for only 2 days and he starts telling you that he loves you, that he misses you and that he can’t live without you only to end up asking you by sms to marry him, well, you can’t help but start wondering what on earth is going on?! Especially that you didn’t even have a proper conversation with this person. For God sake, you didn’t even see how he looks like!

It all started a couple a days ago when Angie received a message on a dating website. She had signed up to this website a while ago and she used to check her messages sometimes when she had some free time. It also happened that it was Valentine’s day, one of those days that Angie dreaded like plaque. She even sometimes wished she could skip those days altogether or delete them forever from her life and from her calendar.

She remembers vaguely her conversation with him or the exact words he used, but she remembers clearly that he was pushy and that he asked her specific questions. She somehow felt like he was invading her privacy. He insisted on getting her number and on calling her. He insisted on hearing her voice and he called her and he talked and talked and talked. Angie hardly said anything except to agree or to disagree on certain things. He found her beautiful, very beautiful, from her only picture displayed on her profile on the dating website. And Angie had previous weird experiences with guys who saw her as “very beautiful”, but she didn’t say anything when he told her that he finds her very beautiful, because she didn’t know what to say except “thank you”. When he hanged up, she seemed to forget the whole thing, she took care of certain pending issues, like buying some groceries and some stuff for her house. She even went home, took a shower and walked to the gym. About an hour later, he sent her a message asking her “where she was and whether she reached her house yet”. She didn’t know what to answer him or why to answer him. She wanted to scream at him to “fuck off” “mind your business” but then she thought that it wouldn’t be very polite to do that. So she put her phone aside and continued her training. A few minutes later, he called her and inquired “where are you?”, for a few seconds, her eyes went blank, her mind started jumping all around, her face turned white, her lips hanged wide open, and then with the power of a giant she managed to say one word “gym”. He seemed surprise, or at least this is what she thought.

During that same evening, she received about 10 messages from him. The next day, he started sending her messages and making missed calls from 5:50am. In one of his messages he said something like: “why aren’t you answering my messages?” or “don’t you want to answer me?” when she finally managed to gather all her self-esteem and all her self-love, she sent him a message asking him how he was and whether he was having a good day. After all, she has just met him once online.  He kept sending her messages insisting that she sends him her office number or to call him on his landline. She refused to do any of these quests. Other messages were something like: “didn’t you arrive to the office yet? ”

When she took her lunch break, about 5 more messages reached her inbox. She read them without knowing what to do. And then for the entire hour of her lunch break, he kept texting her or making missed calls. She called him, promised him to sign in to the website and to chat with him after work in the evening.

When she signed in to the dating website in the evening he was there. Although he pretended the day before that he doesn’t sign in often to the internet. She tried to have a proper conversation with this man. She tried asking him about his job, his background, his life, but he didn’t seem to receive her questions or he didn’t want to answer any of her questions. Angie who was reviewing an article that needed a lot of concentration, had to sign out a few minutes later, she promised him to sign in again as soon as she is done with her work in about 30 to 40 minutes. When she signed in again, she found in her inbox this message: “I love you” and she was puzzled. “Excuse me!” she heard herself saying loudly. “Did I miss something again? It can’t be. This can’t be. What is wrong with this guy?” she tried to calm herself down, by convincing herself that he probably was sending this message to somebody else. “It must have been for somebody else. Wrong window. Wrong chating window.” She said to herself. When she copied and pasted his message and asked him if he had intended it to someone else, he assured her that he meant it for her.

“This is when things get complicated.” Angie thought.

(Thank you for reading. What do you suggest she does with this guy?” Thanks in advance. Take care.)

(By Zeina Gabriel)