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On Sunday, January 15, 2012 an old residential building collapsed in Ashrafieh (Beirut, Lebanon), on Al-Mitran Atallah street in the Fassouh neighborhood. 27 persons were killed and 12 were injured. Ms. Carine Dakak wrote the following on Facebook. Please share, like, comment and spread the word. Thanks in advance.

“I am hungry…. Are you hungry? By Carine Dakak

We all know the feeling of hunger when our stomach sends us an alarming signal… and what do we do? We just open the fridge , grab a bite, go out to dinner… But what happens when ur stomach is our pocket and the fridge  our finances and they both  HAPPEN to be empty, not because we are unemployed or because we are spending our salaries on clothes, phones and material things but just because life is so expensive in this country and wages are so imbalanced that we cannot pay our children’s school tuitions, fill our fridge with basic food, pay our rent, our medical insurance,  our car loans, take our families out to dinner…. Let alone that we are living in a country where safety is an option and war is always at the corner of the street.

We Lebanese are scared to stand up for our rights. Instead of rebelling against a corrupt system we look for new ways to survive and we end up with debts so huge that we can’t repay them in this lifetime.

Wake up people! We are digging our own graves, and it’s a large mass grave!

A building collapses, politicians pop up and start talking of things that we can’t even hear anymore, words that they don’t even believe… but at least now we know that we are worth 30,000,000 LBP [20 000 $] per head if we ever die in a collapsed building, I think that’s a more interesting deal than a pension plan with a bank. Those same politicians will go home, to their fancy apartments that WE paid for, will open full fridges that WE filled, will not even be burdened with power or water issues, and they will wait for the next drama episode to forward-play their same ‘supportive’ words and so on… These same politicians will also knock on your door when the TIME COMES and promise you a list of things and benefits that is longer than Santa’s list… So next time THE TIME COMES just bang the door on their fingers, the third one if possible.

I am hungry and I am not ashamed to say so, you know why? Because I can’t afford to be ashamed anymore. I tried every single survival option but debts, hunger, worry, stress, yelling, problems and insanity are all around me and I can’t take it anymore. Someone said when the building collapsed “I wonder who is luckier; the ones who died or the ones who are still alive and living in fatal buildings”… there you go… That is how desperate we have become.

O Lebanese, don’t tell me you live in a great country where life is easy and people are kind to each other, the sun shines all year long and it’s the best place in the world… Because people no longer have the energy to be kind to each other, in fact they would eat you alive to get what they need, and there are plenty of great places in the world where you can have a decent living. And for those who keep on saying that in Lebanon you can swim and ski the same day and party all night, well I wish I had the money to ski and swim and party on the same day, I can barely do this in the same year…

Wake up people, some of us got a 5 minutes warning before they died… We can still do something.

If YOU ARE HUNGRY read & share…Thank You!”