“Angie… Angie… Angie… Where are you?”

This was probably the only question that Angie’s brother asked her in ages. And trust me, he wasn’t waiting for an answer or anything of that kind. He only wanted to say something, to fill the space, to reduce the amount of silence that separated them, to find a way to reduce all those barriers and all those misunderstandings that planted themselves between them during all those years.  And above all, it wouldn’t matter what she would say to answer him, he simply wasn’t waiting for an answer. His question is similar to any other question like: “How are you?” “How is work?” “How is life treating you?” “How is your day?”

The question, the answer and the actors were only part of a big play called life and Angie knew that she has been sitting in the observer’s seat for almost 2 years now. She wanted to move from that seat but she couldn’t. She didn’t realize yet that she is the one in charge of her life. She wasn’t aware yet that her life is part of a play, and that she had the power to stand up and to leave the entire place. She wasn’t sure how the other players would react and above all, she dreaded the reaction of the invisible director. Does he exist anyway? Is he there watching, making remarks, suggesting corrections, shouting “STOP” or “ACTION”? Is he able to interfere during the course of a play? Or were his suggestions valid only during rehearsals?

Come to think of it, who isn’t afraid of people’s reaction? Who isn’t afraid of “good deeds” and “bad deeds”? Who doesn’t dread that one’s actions whether good or bad will affect one’s life? Is it true that “what goes around comes around”?

All the above questions lead to the term “Karma”. What is Karma you’d ask? I will define this term in my next post.

Thank you.

By Zeina Gabriel