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“We stroll into Rotterdam’s city center on a sunny spring day, where people are walking down the street wearing sunglasses. “You shouldn’t do that,”  Johan Boswinkel [the founder of a new therapy called: “Healing with light”] says. “The eyes are precisely where the solar radiation that feeds life enters the body.” Nor is he a fan of sunscreens that cover up those other important windows to the sun, the acupuncture points. Johan Boswinkel knows that without light, there is no life. Not only are our food sources dependent on the sun, but our bodies cannot thrive without daily exposure to sunlight. It’s generally accepted that a lack of daylight causes seasonal affective disorder, or “winter depression.” Blind people whose pineal gland does not transmit the light entering their eyes to the brain can exhibit significant disturbances in their physiological and emotional stability. The late Hungarian biochemist Albert von Szent-Györgyi said in his 1937 Nobel Prize acceptance speech for discovering vitamin C, “A living cell requires energy not only for all its functions, but also for the maintenance of its structure. Without energy, life would be extinguished instantaneously, and the cellular fabric would collapse. The source of this energy is the sun’s radiation.”

Sunlight may be healthy and vital, but the artificial lighting in which so many of us spend so much of our days undermines health. Sunlight offers a balanced spectrum; in contrast, artificial lighting—depending on the type—provides only a limited portion of the spectrum. That limitation disrupts the body’s harmony, which is the start of all disease. That is: Disease begins with a lack of light. Johan Boswinkel’s message is that light is also the remedy.”

If one day, you meet a girl, named Angie or a little boy, named the Little Prince and if any of them, speaks about light or windows, please don’t make fun of their ideas and please try to put yourself in their shoes. Maybe, all their troubles – and also all your troubles – are coming from a lack of natural light.

The text in Italic is by Jurriaan Kamp. To read the entire articles please visit these links: Healing with Light : The Future of Medicine (Pt. I and Pt. II)

The remaining text is by Zeina Gabriel.