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“What we need is Love…. ” This is what Angie thought herself repeating when she woke up this morning. It was like a melody playing in her head, a sweet melody with such a sweet words. But Angie couldn’t go beyond this sentence, she tried very hard to remember more than the melody or more than these 5 words, but she couldn’t. A new day was about to start for her and she didn’t know what this new dawn would bring her (none of us does actually, even with the greatest plans and the most accurate planning). Sometimes, only a few minutes after she wakes up (before her mind starts working, and the voices in her mind chatting, arguing and discussing) or when she has a few minutes alone to daydream, to think or just to breath, she used to wish she could hang on to a point, to a moment or to a memory. But she knew that everything is fleeting. She knew that no matter what she did nothing can stop the time from passing or the journey from unfolding.

(Take a deep breath, this is your journey. Enjoy it. Take the most out of it. Thank you for reading. Sorry for the delay in writing. Thank YOU)

(By Zeina Gabriel)

I dedicate this post to Adroushan, Pascal, Maeiva, Ritta, Rita, Ghada, Randa, Youssef, Sahar, Najate, Maysan, John, Mona, Nabil, Aaed, Rima, Hisham, Nayla, Duna, Afaf and Nina.

What we need is love – Jim Brickman