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Can I skip the whole thing ? (Part I and II)

After organizing the books on the two tables, Angie sat down and observed everything around her. It has been a while since she spent any time on campus during the day. Students were passing by, people were hanging around, visitors with cameras were walking and taking pictures. The atmosphere was serene in contradiction to Angie’s mind. Thoughts were rambling in her mind, ideas were fighting and racing. She wasn’t sure any more whether all her preparations would lead her anywhere. She was worried again.

Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t see a young woman approaching the table, flipping through the books, reading, scanning, stopping, smiling, frowning, smiling again and finally holding a book so tight like she was afraid of loosing a dear child, and finally asking with a soft voice: “how much is this book?”

It took Angie a while to realize that this young woman standing there and holding a book was actually her first customer. She then smiled at her and sold her the book.

Everything went smoothly afterwards. People started coming, asking, and buying. The event was successful. It had even exceeded her expectations and her colleague’s expectations.

After the event ended, and on her way home that night, Angie tried to remember all the things that happened with her that day, she was trying to label her day. You know the kind of exercise we practice almost everyday to be able to answer questions like :” Hi, how are you? How was your day?” You know sometimes, your day is so ordinary that you hardly find anything to say, and some other days, your days are so complicated and so full, that you don’t know where to start. So on her way home, she was trying to find a place to save the memory of her day. Because she realized long long time ago, that our lives are nothing more than a bunch of “nows” that make “memories”. Would she do another book sale? She would have to sooner or later. Would she try to avoid unnecessary errors? She would have to in order to improve. Would she do everything by herself? No, of course not. Teamwork is an excellent tool, she should need to learn to acknowledge it and to use it.

Thank you 🙂

(By Zeina Gabriel)