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Can I skip the whole thing? (Part II)

(If you missed the first article titled “Can I skip the Whole Thing? (Part I), don’t worry, you can read it on this link)

Angie sat under the trees in the shade and waited. It wasn’t easy to get 2 tables, 4 chairs and 2 bulletin boards from Hill Hall to the shady spot in front of Bottom Hall. Although Angie thought that she had arranged for a colleague to help her in transporting the tables, the chairs, the boards and the books. But something happened and her colleague couldn’t make it. He thought that the event was from 10:30 AM until 2 PM and not from 10AM until 2PM. He also had to leave his office early in the morning to help another colleague.

In fact, at around 9:30AM, Angie tried calling her colleague in his office but she couldn’t reach him, she tried to call him on his personal phone number but she couldn’t find his number. She waited for a while before trying to reach him again in his office, but she didn’t manage to reach him either. So at around 9:45PM, she decided to go to Hill Hall and to borrow the items she needed for the book sale event. She took a large cart with her to put what she needed on it. Since she couldn’t take the cart with her inside Hill Hall, she left it on the entrance door and consulted with a few people to borrow 2 bulletin boards. The bulletin boards she borrowed had wheels and all she had to do was to push them around to Bottom Hall. She soon realized that she didn’t need the cart to transport the boards but that she would need it to transport the tables and the chairs. It took her about 5 minutes to reach Bottom Hall and to return to Hill Hall, but upon her return, the cart was gone. She panicked. Her day was starting on the wrong foot. Where did the cart go? Who took it? What happened?

Lost in her thoughts and in her concerns, a man, who seemed to be in charge of some workers at BUH, told her that he saw a worker taking the cart. Another worker told her that his colleague took the cart to Absolute Hall, a hall that was 1 km away from Hill Hall and he assured her that his colleague would return the cart. His supervisor wasn’t so sure of this fact, he kept repeating to Angie that the worker wasn’t very reliable and that he’d probably leave the cart somewhere, he urged her to run after the worker to get back the cart. He even asked her if she needed any help with transporting tables or chairs and promised her to ask a worker to help her.

Angie’s little hope was falling in pieces at her feet. She was lost, confused and worried. Was she angry? It has been a while since she felt any anger. A stranger would describe her as a very calm, polite and shy person. Some would consider her innocent, others very innocent. Some would perceive her as slow in acting, reacting, thinking and behaving, others would observe her as fast. Some would consider her reactions and her behavior as childish; others would perceive her as smart, poised, intelligent and mature.

Angie took a deep breath and then walked to Hill Hall to get 2 tables and 4 chairs when she saw a worker carrying the chairs and one table. She carried the second table and followed him to Bottom Hall. She tried to ask the worker for his assistance in getting the books from her office to the shady spot in front of Bottom Hall. He refused to help her pretending that he had some work to finish. She walked back to Bottom Hall trying to find her cart when at midway she found 2 workers transporting heavy wooden windows on a cart that looked similar to her cart. She stopped them and asked them politely about the cart. She tried to inquire if the cart they were using was originally parked in front of Hill Hall, they told her that they needed it to carry heavy windows and that they didn’t mean to take it without permission.

At around 10AM, Angie took back the heavy noisy cart to her office in Croc Building, tried to call her colleague again but couldn’t reach him, she then lifted some boxes, put them on the cart, made sure that she didn’t miss anything and tried to push the cart along a long empty corridor to the nearby elevator. She wished she had someone to help her. She wished someone would give her a hand in pushing the cart especially when she’d have to walk up the hill to Bottom Hall. (The name of this building is a little bit ironic, isn’t it? It was named after president Bottom who spent many years at BUH struggling with bureaucracy and trying to build new halls and to plant more trees. And although the name might suggest that the hall is at the bottom of some hill, it was in fact on a high hill overlooking a plane).

She met a young man who helped her push the cart into the elevator, and was even willing to take the cart to wherever she was going with it. But as soon as she reached the entrance of the building, a security officer stopped her and started asking her questions. For the last couple of years, she has been used to seeing security officers at this building’s entrance, she was even familiar with security cameras on every floor, she even convinced herself many times that everything was been taking care of in this part of BUH. But when she reached the entrance and saw the security officer, she realized that she had omitted an important part of every process involving taking things in or out of the Croc Building. Her day was definitely starting on the wrong foot, and Angie started to ask herself seriously if she shouldn’t have stayed in bed.

She explained calmly to the officer that she was taking these books for a couple of hours for a book sale event and she apologized for forgetting to send an e-mail to the protection office to inform them of this event. The officer suddenly remembered that he had received an e-mail from Angie regarding the book sale event and the look on his face changed to a big smile. Angie tried to explain that the e-mail was to invite him to the book sale and not to notify him about taking books from her office.  She even remembered how hard it was for her to send an e-mail to the BUH community to inform them about this book event and she remembered specifically a particular phone call she received from the IT department scolding her for sending mass e-mails to the BUH community. This was practically the first time Angie was reprimanded over the phone since she had moved to her new position. She remembered feeling like a little child who has just made a big mistake and she also remembered the boundless silence that suddenly filled the room when the IT manager started reproaching her for such a mistake.

A friend of Angie happened to enter the Croc Building at the same time that Angie was speaking with the security officer. She helped her push the cart over the hill, helped her unpack the books and then waited for a short while under the trees until Angie pushed back the cart to her office.

(By Zeina Gabriel)