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Walking into an old building at the Beautiful University of Heaven, Angie couldn’t help but notice the different layers of time and technology on the walls and in the corridors of the several floors. She looked at the signs written in gold on a black background and wondered about the age of these signs and she even tried to imagine the man or the group of men who had collaborated to produce each sign. Was it a piece of art? Or simply something that had to be done? Was it done after meticulous planning or was it executed in a hurry without any planning? She then chased these… trivial… thoughts away and climbed the stairs.

The sun entering the building from the huge windows made shadows and forms on the walls. The atmosphere was beautiful and dreamy. Angie wanted to capture a piece of light and a sense of peace. She wished she could take some of all that with her to her underground office. But she knew that she couldn’t do that. She would probably be able to do some of that one day in the future, because with the advancement of technology everything was moving so fast that what is nowadays perceived as… difficult (ummm…. impossible, but since nothing is impossible, let us say “difficult”) would one day become feasible and quiet ordinary. Thoughts were racing in her mind, she thought about the invention of the phone, the car, the cellphone, the computer, the television… to name only a few, and even tried to imagine how people would have reacted 100 or 200 years ago, if someone would have tried to tell them about these things.

Angie had some books to deliver to one of the departments in that old building and she decided on her way out to pass by the toilets. She was with a colleague and when she opened the toilets main door, she uttered: “I wish my office was in this toilet!” Her colleague who happened to be far away from Angie because she was lost in her newly acquired PurpleLemon (a new invention from one of the leading cellphone companies in Heaven. Not to be confused with the BlackBerry), almost shouted : “What? You want your office to be in a toilet? What is wrong with you nowadays? What kind of wishes is that? An office in a toilet?” Angie didn’t say anything, but waited patiently for her colleague to finish her exploration with her PurpleLemon and to push the toilets main door. Meanwhile, Angie looked at the landscape from the open window, and imagined how life would be if she had gotten the chance to spend some time in this open space, to smell the roses, to listen to the birds, to see the sky, to watch the sun, to breath life… and then she thought to herself, that it won’t probably be as amazing as she thinks it would be, because with time and no matter how beautiful or gorgeous or amazing a place is, it can fade away just like a fading candle light. Her colleague soon entered the toilet main door, stopped and couldn’t help but wonder about the beauty of the view outside. She then said to Angie: “You are right, this location is amazing for an office, I wonder who was the architect who decided to place the toilets near the windows and to place the offices in a far away closed space? What I find ironic is that no one ever complains about any of these things and we are supposed to be in Heaven.”

(Thank you. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it)

(By Zeina Gabriel)