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Around noon today, Angie saw a group of students going from tree to tree on campus at the Beautiful University of Heaven and attaching to each tree a sort of white lanterns which had a flag and a description of the tree.

At first, Angie didn’t know what these students were doing and when she first noticed the lanterns she thought that these lanterns would be in connection with a very big event that was about to take place in a few days at the Beautiful University of Heaven. And then out of curiosity, she decided to come closer to have a look at the lanterns and to see what was attached to them.

And to her great amazement, she had the chance after spending so many years on this campus, to read briefly about each tree. She was stunned to know that some, if not almost all, the trees came from distant countries. On the colored sheet of paper that hanged down from the white lanterns, one could read about the latin name of the tree, the common name, the country of origin and some general information about the tree.

She was so happy to learn that one tree takes ages to grow , that the leaves of some other shrub were edible and that the flowers of another shrub were used in India to clean shoes.

And for the first time in years, she felt that she finally started to get introduced to the… trees at the Beautiful University of Heaven. She felt like an archaeologist who had finally made a great discovery on some unknown forgotten civilization.

While walking and enjoying the trees, the sun and the breeze, she came across a colleague who stopped her to ask:
– Angie, what are these things that are hanging down from the trees? Some of them have strang flags? What are these things? Did you hang them?

He also said that he saw her near the trees and thought that she must have had been hanging the lanterns, the flags and the papers.

So Angie tried to explain patiently that some agriculture students at the Beautiful University of Heaven had an assignment and part of this assignment was to hang the lanterns, the flags and the papers. She also tried to tell him that those papers give information about the trees on campus, but no matter how hard she tried, she could see on his face that he wasn’t concerned with “trees”. She could feel that he was thinking about some other “more important” issues, like his car, his flat, his bank account, the amount of money he has, his girl friend and all other things that some people consider “primordial”.

She smiled at him and walked away, trying to enjoy the rest of the day and her new acquaintances. She even felt like hugging trees and calling them by their names, but then she thought to herself that if she ever does something similar on this campus during the day, she would no longer be part of the community of the Beautiful University of Heaven but she would be deported to some unknown unclear destination where people wear white and are strictly monitored.

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