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I have a block and a blog

This last weekend, I was planning to write about the “set point of Happiness”. What is that you might ask? It is “a belief that, just as your body has a set point for weight, each person may have a genetically-determined level of happiness.” In other words, no matter how happy or how sad you are, as soon as things return to normal you return to this starting point.

But my sister made it very clear to me that she won’t tolerate anything written on the subject of “Happiness” . I remember her looking me in the eyes and saying: “I don’t want to read about happiness anymore. Find another topic. Discuss something else. Speak about Angie. By the way where is she these days and what is she doing?”

Let us simply say that my intention to write an article about the “set point of happiness” started to fade soon after I heard my sister’s remarks. A part of me, wanted me to keep reading about the topic, read more articles, collect more ideas, think, analyse and write about it… and another part of me (the one who thinks that it is pulling everything together in my universe) keeps telling me to follow my sister’s advice.

You can’t imagine how hard I tried over the last few weeks to look at my white screen and to write down my ideas, thoughts and stories about… Angie. But I couldn’t. I simply couldn’t go beyond the first sentence. I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do to unblock my block.

Today, while browsing on the internet I found the following book: “Writer’s block: The cognitive dimension”. I guess I will get the book and start reading…

What do you think? How do you unblock a writer’s block? Have you ever been unable to jot down your ideas? Share your ideas with us 🙂

Thank you 🙂