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It has been a while since I last wrote anything about Angie or about anything on this blog. I miss doing that, I hope you also miss reading about Angie. I don’t seem to be able to… write lately. There is something happening within me that is making the whole process of thinking, writing, editing and publishing excessively difficult. Maybe I am running out of inspiration. Maybe I am taking a distance from writing and simply observing, studying, reading… Probably the tiny little window – that I found a while ago and that had allowed me to express myself in writing- had been obstructed by some unknown unreal unfounded reasons. I read somewhere that olive trees like answers need time. So probably I am looking for answers and I need time to find those answers. Would you be there once the storm is over? Would you be there once I am ready again to talk about Angie?

Thanks a million.

Have a great day.