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Looking in her diary, Angie, found the following questions and wondered if she had actually wrote them about a month or two ago. Here is what she wrote:

“Friday (on a month, in a year) at the Beautiful University of heaven)

I am angry, upset, frustrated and lonely.

  • If life is too short, why do we come to a frustrating unfulfilling work everyday?
  • If life is too sort, why do we go to unbelievably long boring meetings almost every week?
  • Why do we spend time with people we loath?
  • Why do make ourselves attend talks and lectures about things we don’t care about?
  • Why do we wake up every morning to end up spending 8 hours alone in a lonely ugly office with no windows and with practically no one to talk to (except the big boss who is very important and very busy to pay us any attention)?
  • Why do we keep coming on time and leaving on time?
  • Why do we keep performing the same old boring disgusting tasks over and over and over again?
  • Why do we think that life would be easier or brighter or happier once we reach a certain stage?
  • Why do we convince ourselves that it is worth it? What on earth is worth our happiness and our peace of mind? What on earth is worth our health ?”

She smiled at those questions and wondered why she wrote them in the first place. She tried to recall her state of mind, her attitude, things that happened that day but she couldn’t… She felt that she was far away from all that now. Everything seemed to be moving slowly but steadily. Everything was calm and peaceful.

Thank you for reading. I dedicate this post to Ms. Sahar Khalidi (I hope you had a good peaceful day :))

(by Zeina Gabriel)