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Angie… (Why do I have this bad habit of starting my posts with Angie’s name?… The problem is that I am aware of this issue, but I keep repeating it over and over again. Anyway…)

So… Angie looked at the man sitting in front of her and didn’t know what to answer him. He has been talking for the last 50 minutes about his health, his work, his car and God knows what and she hardly uttered a word unless to ask a question or to get a clarification on a certain topic.

(Are we going to stare at those two for a while? Ummm… Why don’t I leave them sitting there and have a look at the surroundings to help you see what I see. What do you think? Ummm… I am afraid that I won’t wait for your answer… I will simply take your hand and show you around…)

The restaurant was crowded at this time of the day. Students, faculty members, visitors, and employees were everywhere.  Every table was full and people were carrying their plates and waiting… The restaurant had 2 floors and both were packed. On the first floor, was the kitchen, the receiving area, the cashiers desks, and a large number of tables. The second floor had only a large reception room with practically no windows.  The interesting thing about this restaurant was the walls. Each wall had a different color and each color reflected a decade at the Beautiful University of Heaven. There were also large wall paintings that Angie adored. Over all, Angie liked the place. She liked it a lot to spend most of her lunch breaks in it. Today, she was sitting in the area of the seventies, i.e. in the corner which displayed pictures and events of the seventies at the Beautiful University of Heaven.

About an hour ago, a man came into Angie’s office and before she knew what was happening she found herself hugging him.  (WHAT?? what on  earth does this mean? How can you find yourself embracing someone without knowing? Well… It just happened… She was reading an article and she was paying full attention to the words and to the commas that when she heard a little noise in the office, she raised her head and the man was too close to her that she found herself in his arms. She didn’t like what had just happened, but she wasn’t going to cry over spilled milk or try to saw sawdust… (What does it mean “crying over spilt milk” or” trying to saw sawdust”? Ummm… I will answer this question in another post… I promise. Because I am afraid if I start elaborating these two notions, I will loose track of the story and I will totally talk about another topic).

The man was a colleague from the Beautiful University of Heaven. Someone, she used to meet from time to time in the elevator. If you’d ask her who he was, she would tell you that he is some guy she keeps seeing here and there, especially when she is having a stormy day and she is looking for silence and peace. Some guy who was neither a friend nor a dear friend. Someone she would label as an “acquaintance” or even a “colleague from work” or even “the man in the elevator”. Do you have any idea I am talking about what?

Anyway, he tried many times to ask her out, but she managed several times to pretend that she didn’t understand or that she was too busy or that she had an appointment that she couldn’t miss. I know that most girls do these tricks but Angie never made up any of these reasons. Let us say that Morico wasn’t her type and when he came into her office and embraced her she didn’t know what was happening. She felt weird afterwards. Especially that she hadn’t seen him in a while: a month or two. And without giving her the chance to talk, he started telling her that he had… cancer.

(My Dear Reader,

Sorry… This is another part of another long story. I hope you liked this part. I will be looking forward to reading your comments. Please feel free to write whenever you want, whatever you want. Thank you again for reading and for being part of this blog).

(By Zeina Gabriel)