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“Welcome to the Beautiful Univeristy of Heaven” was the first thing Angie read on one of the most beautiful buildings at the Beautiful University of Heaven, the first day she set her feet in the grounds of this university, 7 years ago. The sign was intended – of course – to the new students who were starting their new semester at the Beautiful University of Heaven and who were about to embark in a once in a lifetime experience. Needless to say, that Angie never felt that way about this place. She always considered the place a piece of heaven. She loved to hang around on campus, watching birds, cats, flowers and people and admiring the architecture, the peaceful surroundings and the trees.

With time, she learnt to see things from a different perspective. She started to see things that she wasn’t suppose to see or to learn about or even to acknowledge the existence of. She started to look around and to know that things aren’t as amazing and as beautiful as they seem to be. She knew that, from a distance, everything, even the saddest place, looks different, maybe better from what it really is in reality.

What am I talking about you probably wonder? Well… Let us see… Have you ever noticed the janitors or the workers at the Beautiful Univesity of Heaven? Have you ever noticed the look on some people faces in this place? The saddness? The light in their eyes when you say “hello” or “thank you”? Have you ever noticed that some people practically live – or spend their days and sometimes their nights on campus – to end up with a tiny salary that is hardly enough to buy bread for a family of two? If you didn’t notice that, don’t worry… It ain’t much.  If you do notice that, you are alive and you are starting to SEE things and let me welcome you to the “Beautiful University of Heaven”…

Today, on her way to her new work at the Beautiful University of Heaven, Angie was walking lightly as if she was flying. She was feeling happy, free and alive. ALIVE??? What on earth does this mean? Aren’t we all alive – at least the ones of us who are reading this post and are breathing? FREE??? From what? So far, we hardly know anything about this girl except that she is free.

So what is happening with this girl?

( To be continued in a future post)

Thank you for reading. What do you think is going to happen now?

(By Zeina Gabriel)