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A new day … (Part 1)

A new day… (Part 2) or Answers to some questions

A new day… (Part 3) or the last day in the office

When Angie woke up this morning, she was happy, unusually happy. She looked through her window and saw the fading colors of the trees and she heard the birds singing. She thought to herself: “it is almost over, two more days and it is over. I can do this. I can survive those last two days. Everything will be just fine.”

Yesterday, Wednesday, was a day off and Angie spent it with her parents in the mountains. She  noticed this morning on her way to her tiny flat in the city that she had forgotten almost everything about her work and she felt in a way reliefed. She felt like screaming of joy knowing that she finally managed to leave her work worries at work.

What do you think ? Do you call this a victory? Do you take your work stress and worries home? Don’t you wish you could leave them locked in the office?

Angie wished just that, and she felt amazing this morning when she finally managed to leave her worries and the stress of her work at her office.

On her way to the office, she didn’t want to hurry up, although she was late… She just wanted to enjoy the colors, the light, the sun, the birds, the trees and the odor of the earth after the rain. Everything around her felt fresh and rejuvenated. She wanted to take a piece of this view with her to her office so she could remind herself that something beautiful, marvelous and enjoyable still exists out there.

Did I mention that her boss had interviews with the seven canditates on Tuesday ( i.e only two days ago) and that Angie overheard her telling one of the canditates to come on Thursday for 2 or 3 hours training in the office.

By the way, Angie was used to overhear her boss talking. Not because she wanted to hear her talking or because she was curious to hear what she was saying… but simply because her boss spoke very loudly in a way that Angie couldn’t concentrate on anything else. And God knows how many times Angie wanted to burry herself underground to escape the whole dialogues that her boss used to make or to skip all together the babylonian strange dialogue that her boss used to have with one babylonian professor.

Angie felt hurt on Tuesday around 4PM when her boss told the new candidate to come for a training. Not because Angie wasn’t willing to help or to assist or to teach, but simply because her boss made all the planning, all the organization, all the talks, all the thinking, without -at least- informing Angie of the decision. And Angie felt weird. Angie felt like a machine that is asked to follow orders and to execute wishes. Do you know what I am talking about? Have you ever used a photocopy machine or a printer or a car? If you did, and I am sure you did some how some time some where, you’d know that sometimes all you have to do is to push a button to get what you need and this is exactly how Angie was feeling in this office and in this job. I am sure I wrote it before but I will etirate on it again and again – I hope my sister will forgive for having to repeat this issue one more time.

Oh! I forgot to mention that the bookshelves issue wasn’t yet solved 🙂 Actually, Angie managed to contact some people to empty the room and they got the job done on Tuesday. But the bookshelves never came on Tuesday. Mr. Malcom from the Purchasing Office had promised Angie that the bookshelves will reach the Beautiful University of Heaven on Tuesday around mid-day. They never did. And when Angie tried to contact Mr. Malcom in the afternoon she couldn’t reach him. She tried and tried many times to catch him over the phone but with no luck. So she sent him an e-mail hoping that she would get an answer to her problem by thursday at the latest.

( Sorry Guys and Girls, I will have to continue this part some other time 🙂 I  hope you enjoyed reading 🙂 I will be looking forward to read and answer your comments. Thank you 🙂 )

(By Zeina Gabriel)