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In my previous post titled “A new day… ( Part 2) or Answers to Some Questions“, I tried to describe Angie’s last days in the office at the Beautiful University of Heaven.

I don’t know if you still remember that I mentioned that she had many things to take care of. Did I mention that her boss asked her to call 7 girls and to ask them to come for a job interview? Don’t you find it a little bit awkward to ask your secretary to call the new candidates who are applying for your secretary’s post ? I am sure Angie’s boss didn’t think about any of those things or had any feelings whatsoever…

So while struggling with the bookshelves issue, Angie had to make quick phone calls to the 7 candidates and to invite them for a meeting on Tuesday afternoon between 2PM and 3:30PM. Each candidate had 10 minutes to make an impact and to convince 2 professors from Angie’s former department to hire her.  Angie made the calls on Friday and hoped to finish with the bookshelves by Tuesday morning so she could concentrate on other issues. When her boss sent her an e- mail asking her to call those girls, Angie felt hurt. But she was, in a way, used to such behavior from that person. She knew that she didn’t have to expect much especially from that woman. For the last few months, her former boss didn’t take the trouble to talk to her unless she wanted to issue some orders or ask her to perform some stupid tasks. And when Angie read the e-mail in which she was asked to call those girls, everything in her started boiling. She was angry again. She was loosing control of her mood, of her thoughts and of her peace of mind. She wanted to flee this place and those people. She wanted to get out of this prison and scream out loud. She wanted to run as far as she can and protect herself as much as she can.

She received the e-mail at 10AM but managed to keep herself busy for an hour or two before finally deciding to look the beast in the eye and to… jump. And during all that time, she had her earphones on and she listened – loudly- to one of her favorite composers. (By the way, one of the things she missed badly for the last 7 years in the office was music. She wasn’t allowed to put any music or to even listen to music while using her earphones).

When she finally managed to put all her anger back in one of her huge closets in the back of her mind, she calmly picked up the phone, put her best accent, her best tone and her best mood, and called each one of the 7 girls and informed her of the interview. She called 5 of them in less than 5 minutes, and tried several times to reach the other two. Some of them were nice and very polite, she could sense that from their voices and from their tones. Others were surprised and one of them wondered about the speed in which this whole procedure took place, she even said: “Things at the Beautiful University of Heaven usually take time, this is the first job I apply for and I get a call for an interview in less than one week… I am amazed”. She tried for about 30 minutes to reach the other two girls with no success, before deciding that she would call them in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, as soon as she returned from her lunch break, she dialed the 2 numbers and managed in less than one minute to inform both candidates of the location, date and time of the job interview.

When around 3PM her former boss asked her about the candidates and whether she managed to call all of them. Angie, looked at her boss and with an unusual calmness, and uttered: “yes, they will come on Tuesday for the interview”.

While saying that, she looked at her boss and noticed how tired she looked. It has been a long long time that Angie looked at her. She never like that woman’s face because for Angie, that woman’s face never inspired any empathy or compassion or kindness.

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(By Zeina Gabriel)

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