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Although the day seemed promising –  at least this is what she thought before opening her eyes this morning –  when Angie arrived to the office her day seemed like another lonely ugly day in the office.

She used to consider herself a good employee until one of her bosses – someone she never managed to get along with – started making remarks as ” unneeded, unnecessary, non-essential,  unrequired”. And from the “comfort” of her open spaced office, Angie would hear sentences like “this is unneeded… bla bla bla”. With time, she used to wonder if her presence in the office was needed or was it another unneeded items that was easy to dispose of.

In a few minutes, her bosses will start coming to the office and before too long she would be finishing incomplete sentences and sometimes trying to read people’s mind in order to understand what they want. She remembers clearly a young student who came by a couple of days ago and who didn’t manage to say any single complete sentence. Angie, was quiet, she left everything she was doing and tried to concentrate very hard on what the girl was trying to say. The girl was impolite and very rude. She looked at Angie and made her feel stupid.

Excuse me? What? WHAT? How can anyone make you feel stupid? Oh, come on, don’t tell me that you never had that feeling with some people!  That same feeling you get around people who think they are very smart and very important, the same people who have inflated egos and some high complex of superiority. If you don’t know the feeling, don’t worry, you aren’t missing much… and I wish you plenty of amazing moments away from that feeling 🙂

So Angie had a weird encounter with this student who practically didn’t manage to finish any sentence and who hardly made herself understood. I guess Angie’s facial expression and her sad looking eyes weren’t very helpful to that girl that morning… The girl wanted to drop a paper to one of the professors working in the office and she didn’t even bother to say hello or thank you or any single nice word. She just came in, looked at Angie with her wide open eyes and froze, when she finally managed to mumble a few words she only handed her the paper and tried to say “for professor…” , and guess what, this wasn’t the first time such scenario took place.

The people she has been working with, for the last couple of years, had the habit of telling their students to drop a paper at the “secretary’s desk”. And most of the time, if not all the time, those same professors forgot to mention anything related to the students or to the papers to the “secretary”. At the beginning, Angie used to feel weird about the whole thing, she even felt hurt sometimes. And on her way home almost every evening she used to wonder, what would it have taken the professors to mention the papers and the students to her. She even used to think that if she were in those professors’ shoes she would at least had made sure to give specific directions to the students on the secretary’s office location. She would have at least repeated the girl’s name two or three times to her students to make sure they notice she is a living human being…

Anyway, nowadays, she is setting her expectations very low in such a way that whatever happens  she doesn’t get disappointed.

Some days, she feels she is a “thing” in this office, just like the chair, ( not the chairperson, but the chair on which you sit), or the table, or the computer, or the photocopier or the closet. She doesn’t feel like a telephone or a handset. They both talk, she doesn’t.

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( By Zeina Gabriel)