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“For all those years you’ve protected the seed. It’s time to become the beautiful flower.” ( Stephen C. Paul)

Ummm… Are you sure ? Isn’t that another trick or another play? What if I can’t find the seed? What if the seed is dead? What if I find the seed and it can’t germinate? What if I find it but the weather is bad so it won’t survive? What if something unexpected happens and the flower isn’t as beautiful as it should be ? What if I let it become a beautiful flower only to find out that a flower can’t live for too long but only for a few days? What if after all the time waiting for it to bloom and to live I find out that it wasn’t even worth it? What if in a few moments nothing will exist and nothing will be real? Is it really worth it ?

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( Quote by Stephen Paul, the rest is by Zeina Gabriel)

Here a little composition just for you :  🙂