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Lost in her thoughts and in her souvenirs, Angie, looked at the things surrounding her and noticed on the distant wall, just across the street, a strange but interesting brochure.

She crossed the road, making sure that no cars were passing. Ummm… thinking about crossing the road, Angie remembered the first time her mother sent her to the mini-market to buy oranges. What ? Oranges? When was that? What kind of story is this?

Stay with me here. Let me explain my point of view by asking you the following question: “Don’t you sometimes jump from one idea to another in just a few seconds?” You see, this is how our mind works. Ideas keep popping out, emerging, taking form and dismentaling… We can choose to repeat those ideas, or to let them go. We can choose to give our ideas a form, a shape, a name, a structure, or we can simply observe them passing by. It isn’t as hard as it might seem to be 🙂

So Angie while crossing the road, remembered the first time she crossed the road alone going to the mini-market to buy her mother oranges. She was 9 years old back then. And she remembers clearly what her mother said:

* “Angie, listen to me, crossing a road is not hard, but it needs concentration. You need to pay real attention to the cars and wait until the road is totally empty. When you are sure that no car is coming, you will run from one side to another, is this clear?”

– “Ok mom.” Angie answered her mother.

She was wearing an orange skirt that day… She smiled at the thought and crossed the road heading towards the brochure.

(umm… I wrote this part of the story a couple of … weeks … or months ago, and I tried to review it and publish it a few weeks ago, but I never managed to move on beyond those two ideas: Angie crossing the road and thinking about the first time she crossed the road alone as a child and the brochure which was something she wanted to see… So now what? What is this brochure she wanted to see? Are we ready to see and read the brochure? (ummm… what? never mind, don’t worry… don’t cling to the sentence, it most probably doesn’t mean anything…ummm… It would only mean something if you pay attention to it… Don’t worry… )

Have a great day everybody 🙂

(By Zeina Gabriel)