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The day is almost over, at least this is what Angie thinks. She will need to take her handbag and her stuff and leave this office. It is almost 7:30 PM and she should have left the office a couple of hours ago, but she couldn’t because she had some unfinished issues she needed to take care of .

Angie’s days are becoming incredibly long lately.

I have already wrote that in previous posts and I can imagine my sister’s reaction- and probably your reaction-  when she ( and you) will read this post. I can see her eyes expanding and her face shining and then her expression fading when the voice in her head will start repeating and repeating that she had already read some of these thoughts before.  And I am sure that she will tell me, because she hates writing, and she prefers to see my reaction face to face, that I am repeating myself in almost every post I write about Angie.  Well, sometimes we can’t help it, we turn in circles without knowing what to say, or where to go or what to choose. I heard someone saying that life is a straight process, well, I am not sure I agree with this statement if I were to comment on that idea I would say that life is mysterious, complicated and we, as human beings, have a tendency to turn in circle. So let us remove the straight line and draw circles, lots of circles, more interconnected interwoven circles…

So now what? Shall I continue with Angie’s stories and tell you about her long day with another job interview ?

This seems to be a good idea…

Angie had another job interview today. And she isn’t quite sure what happened. She won’t probably get the job although she thought that she did well or bad or relatively well. But it doesn’t matter, she thought. After all, what is meant to be, will be…  Now I don’t agree with this statement : Isn’t life about choices after all? Aren’t we free to decide what to do, how we do it (ummm to a certain extent anyway) and when to do it ( umm… to a certain extent) ? Are we puppets? Are we free to trace our lives? Is there anyone out there dictating our own actions and reactions? Is everything written and drawn already and all we have to do is to follow the traces?

Thank you 🙂

(By Zeina Gabriel)