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Those last few days were the worst days Angie has ever spent in her entire life. It all started last Monday when she had her MMS ( Monday Morning Syndrom). She thought the feelings would go away as soon as her work responsibilities would take over but they didn’t. Actually her MMS got even worse when her boss returned to the office after 1o long happy relaxing days, and it reached its summit when another person whom she was dreading to see back at the office returned practically at the same time with her boss. It happened that Angie shared the same large public office with this guy and it also happened that her boss was a noisy ugly eg0-inflated person who thought that since she is the boss she can do anything she wants, scream as much as she wants and give order as long as she wants.

She felt that Monday that she was falling. She never liked the feeling of loosing control over her mood. She never wanted to leave her cloud or her peace of mind, but she couldn’t help it, she was falling and she knew it. She knew that that this sensation would stay with her for hours and days. And she also knew that no one will ever attempt to catch her on her way down or even offer her a shoulder to cry on or even a friendly ear. She learned to deal with her sadness for almost her entire life, she learned to avoid socializing when she is on her down swings.  Come to think of it, she never let anyone come too close to her so she won’t have to collect bits and pieces in case she starts falling… She can’t explain why she wouldn’t let anyone come close to her, probably because she was afraid to see things she didn’t want to see, or probably she didn’t want to change her perception of the things that she liked .. .euh loved… She thought that if she comes closer she would see that things will start changing and moving, and she wasn’t ready for any changes in her life… Not now, not ever, she usually repeated to herself…

(By Zeina Gabriel)