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Another job interview

Angie looked at her watch to check the time, she didn’t want to arrive late for her job interview. She was telling herself that being late for a job interview doesn’t convey a good impression or put people at ease. She took a deep breath and smiled.

Smiled??????? Isn’t she stress or worried or nervous??? How can someone smile when he/she is about to make a major change in life? Well, lately she was feeling very calm and very peaceful. Between us, she didn’t actually care. She was floating on a nice beautiful wave and above all, she didn’t have any expectations. She was setting her expectations very low in a way that she embraced everything that came her way… She couldn’t tell whether this was a good or a bad thing, but she knew that it didn’t really matter.

She took another deep breath and asked the taxi driver to pull over. She paid him, thanked him and started walking. She tried to locate anything that would have showed her any directions to the company she had applied for, she didn’t find any. Weird, she thought. She saw some people sitting and chatting. She approached them, asked for directions. They were very nice and very helpful (like almost all people in Heaven). They told her to walk about  50 m and to turn left to reach a brown old building facing a pharmacy, the company she was looking for would be on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor. She walked to the old building, found that the main entrance door was closed; and she thought to herself that it would be better to turn back and go home. But she didn’t, she laughed at the thought of running away and she smiled. When she was about to grab her telephone to make a phone call, the door automatically opened and a young man went out. She smiled at him and he smiled back. It was – at least this is what she felt – a smile that would have been translated into “everything is going to be ok, don’t worry :)”. She said :

“Hello, thank you for opening the door”

He answered “you are welcome”

She asked: “Excuse me, I need to go to the House Company, do you know where it is?

He answered: “ It is in this building on the first 4 floors, is there anyone in particular you need to see?”

She pulled out a piece of paper from her handbag and read the name of the person she was about to meet, she said “yes, I need to see Ms. Natasha Fonger, euh… at the Human Resources office”

He said: “umm… I guess she would be on the first floor. Ummm… if you want you can take the elevator to the first floor and ask at the front desk, and I am sure you will be directed to the right person”. He smiled again and she smiled back.

She thanked him for the information, wished him a good day and walked towards the elevator. She pressed the elevator’s button, but nothing happened. She didn’t feel that anything was happening. She decided to walk to the first floor. She looked at her watch again and said to herself that she needed to hurry up because she was going to be late.

She climbed the stairs, one step after another; the stairs seemed to never end. She finally reached the first floor, rang at the door, and waited for an answer. The answer came from inside as “come in”. She pushed the door and found herself in a small room with multiple windows. Several pictures in black and white of an old city hanged on the walls, she couldn’t turn her eyes from those pictures and she wished she had the chance to walk around in that old city and watch the peaceful life of those numerous persons depicted in the photos, unfolding. She was asked to sit down and was greeted with a big smile. She smiled back. A few minutes later, a young woman, Ms. Natasha came to see her, greeted her with a smile and asked her to follow her to meet with Mr. House, the owner of the company.

She passed across several offices and greeted several employees. When she finally reached Mr. House’s office she felt like she had crossed from one continent to another. Everything was somehow different in this part of the company.

She met a very interesting woman who smiled at her and invited her to Mr. House’s office. She went in, greeted the young man who seemed old, tired, bored, depressed and lost. She couldn’t find an age for Mr. House, was he in his thirties or in his forties?

The interview went well, she didn’t have to answer the same old interview questions that she was usually asked. Mr. House kept repeating that the work in his company, especially on the fields is “alive”. She listened carefully to what he was saying and realized a few minutes after she left the building that she either didn’t know what the word “alive” means or that she didn’t understand what he was saying. During the interview, she was asked why she wanted to quit her current job. It was one of the questions that she usually has to answer in job interviews, and she paid real attention to what she was saying, she didn’t want to say something deep or emotional about her reasons to quit her current job, she didn’t want either to say anything negative about her current employers. She mumbled that she has been working for the Beautiful University of Heaven for the last 6 years and that she liked the place, the people, the environment, but she needed more than that, she wanted to explore new horizons, meet new people, have more responsibilities (and … she was about to say : find a reason to pull herself out of bed every morning and skip the idea of having to drag herself to the office on several sad days, but she managed at the last minute to refrain herself from saying that. She has been told that this last thought would be very emotional and that she didn’t have to share her deepest emotions.)

Mr. House kept repeating that the work on the fields with his construction company is very alive and that every day is different. She looked at him and said: “Sir, every day is different, every second, every breath is different. We might not realize that things are changing and that nothing is ever the same because we are probably seeing the same view, but things change – slowly and sometimes very slowly – and nothing remains the same. We can sometimes convince ourselves that we are lost in our routines, but it is not true. With each breath we take, something changes, with each inhalation and with each exhalation, we are being reminded that we are alive, that all we have is this moment called now”. (The voice in her head started urging her to stop, and kept reminding her that she was in a job interview and not in a lecture about life). Mr. House’s eyes started to expand in wonder, the woman sitting in front of her didn’t know what to say and Angie was telling herself that she went too far.

It was agreed that Angie needed to spend one day of training on the field to see how the work is performed. It was also understood that she would need to decide on what to do after the training.

(By Zeina Gabriel)

(I would like to dedicate this post to Ms. Sahar Al-Khalidi, to Ms. Najate Rahi and to Ms. Rita Gabriel. Thank you for being part of my life 🙂

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