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It is weird how life is ( Part 3)

It is weird how life is ( Part 2)

It is weird how life is ( Part 1)

Things were changing drastically in Angie’s life lately and she was feeling lost in all this turmoil.

Sometimes when she wakes up in the morning, she wonders what the day might bring and some other times, she simply drags herself to the office and omits to pay attention to certain questions like: What am I doing here? Am I happy in this position? Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life? Am I on the right path to success? Is this what I want? Am I fulfilling my dreams or other people’s agendas and dreams ? Am I happy with my life? Where do I see myself in 5 years? Am I climbing the wrong ladder?  Is the ladder I am climbing leading where I want to go? Where am I going? Would I want to wake up one day feeling regret for the things I didn’t do?

She started asking those questions shortly after she read a passage titled “start with the end in mind” in a book by Stephen Covey ( the Seven Habits of Highly effective people). Here are parts of the passage she read and tried to summarize:

“the author asks us, the readers, to find a quiet place, where we can sit alone, and try to avoid any external disturbance, where we can read carefully and think deeply about we are about to read. He then… starts a new paragraph and says: now… Imagine yourself going to the funeral of a loved one….”

Angie couldn’t go beyond this sentence… The day before when she read this sentence, it took her a while to continue with the rest of the paragraph… today when she read it, she couldn’t stop herself from crying although she knew what the rest is all about… She told herself that she didn’t have many people in her life and she really didn’t love many people… and that she didn’t want anybody to die… She almost screamed that she didn’t want to go to any funeral. she didn’t like funerals…. Her mind tried to follow the directive…and a voice in her mind kept urging her to stop reading… and kept repeating… “no no no… I don’t want this”…

Ten minutes later, she reopened the book… and continued… “ Imagine yourself going to the funeral of a loved one. You have just parked your car, you are walking, you see faces of people you know, you see sadness in their eyes, you see the joy of having known a person, and you see tears.”

“ And now walk to the church ( or whatever place it is), and look at the casket, the person in there is you. You are assisting to your own funeral… ( breathe, breathe,… breathe, breathe… take a deep breath… it is ok… it is ok… ) You are assisting to your own funeral in 3 years from now… and now look at the list of people who are going to give a small speech for this occasion. There are 4 people: the first one is a member of your family (brother, sister, father, mother, nephew, grandson, grandfather..), the second one is your friend, the third one is from your work lace, and the last one is from any organization you were involved with.

And now, imagine, what they are going to say about you.”

Covey then moves to a section, where he cites a quote about death… a very sad one and at the same time a very true one.

And then he goes on to explain what he meant by “starting with the end in mind”… He said that there are 2 creations: the one that starts in our minds and the second one which takes place physically. Let us say that we want to build a house, we start by making a plan, by deciding what we want, and when our vision is clear, we can move on to the next step and build the house. If we build without any planning or without any first creation, our house or building won’t probably meet our expectations and we might probably need to alter things physically with some extra expenses.”

Angie… knew that her life was about to change. She knew that nothing can ever remain the same. Not now, not ever.

I dedicate this post for two of my amazing twitter friends, Ms. Ayscel Sama and for Mr. Pascal Assaf. I also dedicate it for Ms. Mona Nasredden, Mr. Nabil Ramadan, Dr. Hisham Nasr, Mr. Aaed Ghanem 🙂

( by Zeina Gabriel)