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It is weird how life is ( Part 1)

It is weird how life is (Part 2)

Somehow lost in her thoughts and in her inner struggles, Angie managed to do the dishes which have been lying in the kitchen for the last two days, she also managed to decide what to wear and which shoes to put on… As for accessories, like a bag or a necklace or even some make up, it was too hard to decide, so she preferred to skip them all together. She grabbed her camera and left home around 9:00 AM not knowing exactly what to do or what to say to her teacher. She had a food photoshooting session with a friend at 9:30 AM and she was planning to meet her teacher in her studio at 12:00 AM. It was the first time she takes photos of food and she wasn’t sure which setting to use or which background to put. Her friend insisted on taking photos on the beach. She walked to the gym and checked her e-mail then slowly walked to a small restaurant where her friend was supposed to meet her. He didn’t come on time. Instead he called and apologized for being late. He said that he needed about 10 minutes to arrive. She stayed in front of the little restaurant gazing at the empty chairs, and looking from time to time to the street, to the cars, to the people passing by. The whole world seemed empty in front of her eyes. She never liked that feeling of emptiness. She would have given anything to flee from that feeling.

The first time she felt that the whole world was empty was when she returned from a trip to Pyramidos. She was in love back then and she had eyes only for one handsome young man who was treating her like a princess… Everything was going pretty well during her 5 days trip until she said goodbye at the airport, carried her bags (which seemed like a very heavy burden) and walked to the airplane. At that moment, things started to dismantle, the airport was crowded but for her it was empty like a desert, the airplane was spacey but for her it was a tight unlit unaired tiny place. She carried that feeling with her for days and weeks after she returned from Pyramidos. She had an urge to fly back to Pyramidos to see her beloved one, but … the winds didn’t blow in her favor.  She broke up with him a few months after this episode for reasons that she still considers unclear and unknown.

Looking back at the empty chairs in that small restaurant, she remembered the few hours she spent with Mr. Handsome in a similar fancier restaurant in Homeland in Pyramidos. The souvenirs kept returning and passing like a flash in front of her eyes. She remembered the main dish they ordered, she remembered his twinkling eyes, the color of his t-shirt, the smell of his aftershave and his sweet perfume. All that is just a memory now, probably the whole thing was just an illusion. Isn’t our entire life just an illusion? She took a deep breath and tried to think about the food she was about to shoot in a few minutes… She even tried to imagine the colors, the light and the sand on the beach…

Another idea kept on popping out: the unsolved problem with her new photography teacher…

( By Zeina Gabriel)