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It is weird how life is… One day we are on a nice beautiful cloud and another day we are at the bottom of the darkest valley. One moment we are happy and the next we are sad. Sometimes we might not notice that we are going down and sometimes we might not pay attention to what is lifting us up, high, very high to the skies…

Some other times, we are aware that we will soon be on a down swing. We try to resist it, to ignore it,  to run away from it, but sooner or later we will have to face it. Down swings like up swings are always there. We should probably remind ourselves that when we are on a down swing, we shouldn’t feel bad. We should know that the swing will change and things will get better. There are good things coming, let us keep them in mind. After all, nothing lasts forever. It is sad to admit it, but this is how life is.

Angie knew a couple of weeks ago that she was reaching a dead end with her new teacher. She also knew that she didn’t want anything to do with that person. Why ? She couldn’t answer. Was it something the teacher said? Probably. What did she say exactly? Many things… Angie would try to figure out what it was exactly that was urging her to stay away from that person, but she couldn’t figure it out. A small voice in her head- the same one who had been talking and talking and talking for many years now – was asking her to leave, to run, and to break free…

This morning when she woke up, the decision was clear for her: She was going to tell her new teacher that she needed a long break.

What ? A break ? A long break??? What is a long break?

Umm…. Usually when people decide to take a break from a relationship, they indirectly send the message that they need more space and more freedom.

Angie, will be implicitly saying to her teacher that she wanted time to think, to reflect, to ponder, to see things in a different perspective. And she knew that asking for a break was her only way out. She wouldn’t tell her teacher that she wanted to stop taking courses with her, although this is what “taking a break”  always meant for her.

She looked at the landscape from her window, and she thought to herself… “How would I tell her that I don’t want to come to class anymore? How would I do that without sounding ungrateful, sad, scared, shocked or annoyed? How would I be able to leave without creating a large unknown hole?”

(By Zeina Gabriel)