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“Life is too short”… This was the last sentence Angie heard before closing her eyes and falling into a deep sleep. She had another long day which started at 5:00 AM and had just ended at 11:00 PM.

What did she do today?

“Not much” , she would answer and she would seem lost in her thoughts, looking to an invisible horizon. “Not much” she would repeat to herself, trying to review her whole day in a few seconds.

“Yes, not much” the voice in her head would repeat over and over again. And another shy little voice would also say “so you have been awake since 5:00 AM and you have slept at 11:00 PM, but you didn’t do anything? hein? Were you daydreaming all day? Were you taking a day off? Were you spending the whole day napping? Walking from one flower to another? Chatting? Twittering? Facebooking? WordPressing? Googling?”

– “Euh… no… I was in the office, working … and after work, I went to the gym,  spent some time jogging… I went home afterwards and read a chapter in a book”

* “So where did all the time go? ”

– “I don’t know.”

* “You don’t know ????!!!! Who would know???”

– “Don’t we all wonder sometimes where did all this time go? What did we do with our seconds, minutes and hours? How did the years passed? How did we moved from a child, to a teenager, to an adult, and finally to an old person ? The truth is that time is precious but we never realize the importance of time or of anything else until we run short of it. It is ironic, but it also very true. Do we know the importance of the sun? I mean do we really know the importance of the sunlight? We think we do until one day we are stuck in a place with no sunlight. Do we know the value of freedom? We think we do, to some extent, until one day, we feel like walking into a box. What box? What does it mean to walk into a box? I hope you will never know that feeling. It is like a bird in a cage, a person with no freedom of choice, a tight necklace around one’s neck, an unknown scary feeling of loosing control over one’s life…

Life is connected to time and time has a tendency to slip away just like this breath. Without this breath we have no life, no time, no future and no present. ( I can see your eyes opening in surprise. You are most probably saying to yourself : ” breath?” ” What does it have to do with anything?” )

So enjoy this life to the maximum while you still can 🙂 After all, what is life more than a bunch of stories, memories and moments :)”

( By Zeina Gabriel)