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And finally it was time to go, to leave, to conclude her working day… Angie turned off her computer, took her bag, locked her desk and left. She wasn’t excited about work anymore. It has been a while since she felt that she really wanted to come to her office and do her job. What job? Have you ever felt overqualified to perform the tasks you are assigned to do? Have you ever felt bored with everything related to your job and to your office, even with the people you are working with? I know some of you might think that it is not about the people, the environment, the place, the job or anything else, it is the person himself/herself. After all, you might continue, that what is out there is only a reflection of what is inside, isn’t it?

Some of you might argue that the people, the environment, the place, and the job are all related, and a person can’t thrive for excellence if he/she is not surrounded by people who appreciate and cherish him/her, right? I totally agree with this point of view, but aren’t we (at least to some extend) responsible for how we are treated? Aren’t we free to decide how to react? I read somewhere in Stephen Covey’s book “ the seven habits of highly effective people” that only 10% of the things that happen to us are unchangeable and that we are unable to change anything about them but the remaining 90% are in direct relation with how we react. Imagine how your day would be if you wake up in the morning and before you jump out of your bed, you close your eyes again for only a few seconds and say to yourself “ I choose to smile today, I choose to be happy today”, don’t you think that your day would take a different turn (to some extend at least)?

Imagine on the other hand, if someone who is very upset and full of negative energy, comes to you and start yelling. You can of course yell back and make such a big mess that it would be impossible (euh… nothing is impossible… so let me say… hard) to undo and to correct. Or you can choose to calmly listen to that person vent his/her anger, try to listen actively, and calmly propose a solution. I know that the first option seems easier and more plausible, but it won’t solve the problem, it would create another problem. The second option on the other hand is hard, but it is feasible, watch yourself during this situation, and look at yourself after all this episode is over. How do you think it would feel? I bet it would feel great 🙂

(By Zeina Gabriel)