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Whater shortage in Heaven????

The alarm rang and rang and kept ringing for almost 15 minutes, but Angie was so tired that she didn’t even hear it ringing. When she finally woke up, she realized that she was late for work. She knew that whatever she is going to do she will be at least 30 to 45 minutes late. After a few minutes of inner struggle she managed to pull herself out of bed and to walk to the bathroom, only to realize that she didn’t have any drop of water…

–          What? Water? Where does she live?

*         I thought she was in heaven…

–         Actually she does work at the Beautiful univeristy of Heaven and she also lives in Heaven.

*        Do they have water shortage in heaven? Do they have inner struggle problems in heaven?

–        Well… yes… they do… those problems exist almost everywhere…. I know for sure that in Beirut it is becoming a rule (and not an exception) to have water shortage. And I also know that although Lebanon is the richest place in the Middle East in water, this doesn’t imply that the Lebanese people are having enough water to drink or to use. It means nothing actually to have many rivers, or to have a Mediterranean weather or to even be in one of the most fertile regions in the world. It means nothing actually like almost everything and anything in the world. If you work in a restaurant, does this mean that you are never hungry? If all the people around you have sight problems and need to wear glasses, does this mean that you have sight problems? If all the people around you are wearing comfortable shoes, does this mean that your shoes are comfortable ?

If you allow me, I will open a small parenthesis and I will start asking questions because I am fond of questions. And since I am not very happy today, probably if I start asking questions, I will feel a little bit different  (happier perhaps). If you have answers please feel free to post them, if you don’t it is ok (really, it is ok)…

What does it mean to love someone? (and please don’t consider my question as a naïve question, or simple or easy or straightforward… and please don’t start judging… and I beg you PLEASE don’t put me or my question in a box). What does the expression “let’s God’s will prevail” ? Does it mean that we won’t plan ahead, or make plans, or organize ourselves, or think about our future? Does it mean that we will walk blindly leaning on things and on people? Does it mean, that no matter what, God will guide us in life? Does it mean that we are supposed to spend a couple of hours, days, weeks or months without water? … but how do we become responsible and proactive? Don’t we need to go out there and do something ?

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