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Quote of the day

“However risky and threatening it might feel, a crisis is always an opportunity for change, pushing us into growth and evolution at both personal and cultural levels. And evolution always means higher consciousness, and greater freedom. As we feel more and more aware, and more and more free, we know that we are moving in the right direction. We are becoming butterflies” (Gill Edwards, Wild love, Discover the magical secrets of freedom, joy and unconditional love, Piaktus, 2006, p. 22)

When I first read the above passage in G. Edwards’ book, things started to get clearer for me… I started to see a path and I also started to understand that “crisis” or “down moments” are beneficial for growth and for evolution. After all, how can we evolve without changing? How do we move from one level to another without changing? As human beings we like things to remain unchangeable, but this is not how life is, because everything changes. We might not notice the change at the beginning, because it happens slowly (sometimes very slowly) and gradually.

Change is good 🙂 Smile at it 🙂 Move with it 🙂 Don’t resist it 🙂 Enjoy your life and every moment 🙂

( Thank you Maysan for the wonderful book of G. Edwards 🙂 )