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I knew you will come  (Author Unknown)


Photo by photographer Eugene Smith taken in 1944


In a Battle, a soldier was about to go back to the field to bring his wounded friend. But his Captain, a very rational man, told him and almost shouted : “It’s of no use! your friend must be dead by now”. The soldier kept insisting that he needed to go back to bring his friend and he finally managed to convince his captain to let him go back to the field. So he went back and after a few minutes, he returned. When the captain laid his eyes on the large mass the soldier was holding tightly like a precious baby, he shouted again sadly: “I told you, it’s of no use, he is dead”.

But the soldier who didn’t know what to feel anymore, answered: “No sir, it was really of great worth, when I reached the field where my friend was lying, and when he saw me,  he smiled and he said his last words, “I KNEW YOU WILL COME”.

(Thank you Imam once more for this wonderful story… I hope you don’t mind the changes I made in the original text  🙂 )

( The author of this story is unknown, I somehow rewrote it using my own words)