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A window ? What does a window have to do with anything?

The sunset that Angie watched this evening was magnificent. She felt amazing when she saw the sun settling in the ocean and all the colors changing slowly front blue to orange to red. She walked slowly to her favorite bench at BUH (the beautiful university of Heaven) and sat down for a few minutes. She wanted to freeze this moment forever. She wanted to imprison this vision of a wonderful sunset in her mind. She wanted to save the memory in a small drawer in the back of her mind so she could restore it whenever she is feeling unhappy or forgotten in her tiny office.

Angie grew up in the mountains, a few kilometers away from the university. In her childhood she had the chance to live in the wild and to know almost everything about the sun, the birds, the weather and the earth. As a child, she didn’t know what closed areas meant. As a teenager, she used to enjoy spending hours and days in the wild, walking, dreaming, and collecting flowers. And when one day, she applied to BUH and was accepted, she never could imagine a life without an open space. What I find ironic is that she didn’t notice the subtle change when she started working. She was still on her little cloud hoping for the best and thinking that she might have found, some people who could understand her or could at least try to understand her.

Things weren’t easy at the beginning at BUH for Angie.

(By Zeina Gabriel)