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Standing alone under the blissful warm sun, in a vast green garden, Angie looked around her and wondered: “What on earth am I doing here?”. She has been working in this large institution for the last 6 years, she loves the view from this garden, she likes the trees, she sometimes spend some time with the cats and with the birds… but the major inconvenience she faces is that she doesn’t have a window in her office.

What? A window? What does “a window” has to do with anything?

(needless to state, that these questions are some of the questions she usually has to answer when she is attending job interviews lately.)


Ok… I hope I got your attention 🙂

Now let us go into details…. Do you have some time to read this post? (I hope you do 🙂 )

So who is Angie? What does she do in life? Where does she work (in which institution)? What is it with this window thing? And for God sake, why is she attending job interviews lately? and why is she asking herself the question “what on earth am I doing here”?

Angie is a young woman in her twenties. (euh… let me explain what “twenties” mean… it is the age between 20 and 29 for most people. But for women, it usually goes beyond that limit, she could be 21, 24, 30, 35, 39, or even 40 or 49 years old, but she never admits it to herself or to her acquaintances and she remains in her twenties, for more than 10 or even 20 years, sometimes).

Angie is in her twenties, in fact, she is 25 years old. I don’t have a clear idea of how she looks and I hope I will have a clear view in the coming few days (euh… coming posts :)). She works in a large institution named BUH. Yes, right, BE YOU H. And guess what the acronym BUH stands for? It stands for: Beautiful University of Heaven (sometimes hell, depending on her day).

-And guess where it is located?

*Euh… Heaven?


*New Haven, in the USA?

-No. So where is it?

*It is on earth.

– On earth? Heaven on earth?

*Oh, yes, of course, where else would it be?

– Heaven or this institution?

* Both.

– Well, to the best of my knowledge, it is arguable where heaven is. Some people will assure you that it is in an imaginary world ( sorry …very real world) and that we can only access heaven once we are dead. Those people are so convinced of this belief that if you dare saying something else, they will send you straight to hell (another very real world)… Some other people on the other hand, believe (and probably know) that heaven and hell are on this earth, they think that our happiness and unhappiness are both manmade. And they also believe that everything is within inside each one of us.

As for the place of this institution, let us say it is on planet earth, because to the best of my knowledge, we don’t have proof of existence of life on other planets. Of course, this is a story and as an author, I can go to any imaginary planet and put life on it. But why all the hassle? A large part of the work has been done, so why reinvent the wheel? Let us simply take what we have, and improve it… right?

Have a great day 🙂

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( By Zeina Gabriel)