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“Whether you want to believe it or not, you are responsible for your life. What you do, think, and say is your responsibility and no one else’s. You owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, your coworkers, and literally everyone you come in contact with to be the best person you can be in that moment. While the way others see you is an outward sign of your intent, what you really project comes from within. So you monitor your outward actions and words to get to your inner thoughts, and ultimately, your beliefs.

It is only when you are fully aware of what you put out into ‘the world’ that you begin to touch the person you truly are. Once you understand that your words and actions come from long held beliefs formed as thoughts, you can take whatever steps are needed to set yourself free.

Awareness is the key. Mindfulness takes you to full awareness. Practice these principles with the intent to know yourself at the deepest level, and the people you touch will feel the love that you are. Remember in every moment that your words, actions, and thoughts touch the world.

Want a better world? Be a better you.”

Art Ramsay

(Link to the entire article by Art Ramsay)

If I may comment on this long quote by Dr. Art Ramsay, I would say that to a certain degree we are responsible for our own life and for own behavior, but sometimes things (like wars, or natural catastrophes (volcanoes, earthquakes, …)) are beyond our control and no matter how we react we are still overwhelmed. Naturally, staying calm and focused have great benefits and in such cases we are more likely to think calmly and act rationally.

As for “being the best person in this moment” I am afraid that it is not always feasible. We can’t always run full engine, we can’t always wear our smiley happy face, and we can’t constantly look at the positive, bright, full side of everything. We have our ups and downs because we are human beings and because we have feelings and thoughts.

Can we control our thoughts and learn to interact with our emotions? Maybe.

How do we do that? By knowing ourselves.

How do we know ourselves? By being mindful (i.e present in the moment) and aware of things going on around us. Mindfulness takes us to full awareness as Dr. Ramsay says. How do we become mindful and aware? I am not totally sure, but I am aware of one way: yoga and meditation.